Beverages Re-imagined

N2 Brews

100% organic

locally owned and brewed in HUMBOLDT county

Nitro cold brew

COFFEES and tea

Our Products

  • Comes from a keg

  • Pours from a tap

  • Creamy and forms a head

  • Non alcoholic 

  • “Caffeine enhanced” with Nitrogen

  • Our products contain no sugar or dairy products

  • We have engineered a proprietary industry
    leading five stage filtration system to remove
    all coffee sediment.
    Patent pending

  • N2 Brews, based in Eureka is the only local company manufacturing and wholesale distribution of nitro cold brew products. 

Nitro cold brew coffee and teas uses a nitrogen kegging system that is similar to nitrogenated beers you might have tried. This system allows for a fresh cold brew every time you pour it off the tap!

Nitrogen bubbles are smaller than CO2 which gives the coffee a nice velvety texture and opens up the subtler notes of exquisitely crafted cold brew local organic coffee.

Be warned: this beverage has high levels of caffeine and the nitrogen carries it into your body faster than a normal press!