About Us

We are California natives with over two decades combined experience in Humboldt life, culture
and a c
onnection with community. Additionally we  have a proud history in the food service industry.

We Believe in Quality

  • Source quality ingredients – All our coffee beans are locally roasted and organic
  • Fresh grind- Always a fresh grind right before we brew
  • Steep time- We believe that our proprietary steep time brings out the whole flavor profile of our coffee beans
  • Filtration method – We have engineered a proprietary industry leading five stage filtration system to remove all coffee sediment. Patent pending
  • Kegging- All our kegs are professionally washed @6Rivers brewery
  • Precise flavor locking- The nitrogen gas locks in the unique full flavor or our nitro cold brew coffee for up to a 3 month shelf life.
  • Refrigeration- our kegs are always stored at 40 degrees F to ensure quality, freshness, flavor and a nice cold pour every time.

Our Mission

  • Produce high end beverages – Our mission is to provide the highest quality organic coffee and tea products possible. That’s why we only serve our product from kegs made fresh to order
  • We believe in sustainability. Every 5 gallon keg reduces 80 single use bottles or cans from going to the landfill.
  • Source locally when possible- All our coffee is roasted locally to order for us by Old Town Coffee and Chocolate in Eureka CA.
  • Use the best products for our flavor profiles- We don’t cut corners or buy cheap ingredients
  • Offer non alcoholic options at local establishments-our goal is provide non alcoholic options so you can go out, be social, dance all night, safe and sober
  • Create new and exciting beverage options- Our coffee is part of the fourth wave of coffee. Our nitro coffee is a premium coffee product ready to go when you are. No more waiting for your coffee to be brewed
  • We offer organic nitro coffee on tap, all the time